Postdoctoral Scholars


Judy Ashouri, M.D.

I am interested in the role of antigen receptor signaling in lymphocyte function, and how dysregulation of these signaling pathways can result in autoimmune disease.  Much of my work has concentrated on how T cells with relatively deficient T cell receptor (TCR) signaling are responsible for arthritis development in the SKG mouse mutant with a ZAP-70 hypomorphic mutation. I would like to understand how arthritogenic CD4 T cell clones are generated, which antigens these T cells recognize, and how T cells with decreased TCR signaling, can paradoxically result in activated arthritogenic CD4 T cell clones with enhanced effector function.

Adam Courtney, Ph.D.

I am interested in how T cells maintain a resting state and the changes that occur upon antigen engagement. Specifically, I am investigating how the kinase Csk and phosphatase CD45 dynamically regulate Lck activity.