Marianne Mollenauer, Lab Manager

My position as Lab Manager/Specialist has taken me on a wild ride of basic immunology research with Art Weiss for the past 29 years here at UCSF. Managing Art's lab is a balancing act between doing experiments and making sure everything is holding together and running smoothly for a lab of about 20 over-active post-docs and students.  Getting to know and assisting these amazingly talented and awesome people has made my job not just meaningful, but extremely interesting and rewarding.

Terri Kadlecek, Research Specialist

Terri has been in the lab over twenty years and works as a research specialist.  She studies the structure, function and regulation of the non-receptor protein kinase ZAP-70 and its role in signaling through the T-cell receptor.


Ray Herrman, Administrative Assistant

I provide administrative support for the lab, and have over 23 years experience in the UCSF School of Medicine, and 7 years experience at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Alfonso Roque, Animal Care

Kerry Tam, Lab Support